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Understanding our heritage is fundamental to a comprehension of how we create packaging.

Concept was founded in 1993, but the roots of the business go back to the 1950’s when Founding Director Derek Hallam was already involved in rigid box and paper tube production.

At Field packaging - now MPS - Derek oversaw the introduction of round tube manufacture and its large scale roll out into the rapidly developing whisky market.

Predicting the future trends and growth in the liquor market as well as other Luxury market sectors Derek created Concept in 1993 with Son Chris. Between them they pioneered the introduction of mass produced shaped tubes into the spirits market.

To mass produce shaped tubes involved inventing an efficient and effective method of manufacture, developing a complete system to shape and form the tubes and then patenting the whole process.

This system was successfully developed in quick time, enabling the creation of wonderfully shaped tubes which exploded onto the unsuspecting spirits market.

Move forward 20 years and shaped tubes are ubiquitous in the global spirits market. Concept now produce tubes on three continents through their respective manufacturing partners, including successfully exporting a complete tube making system to China (see Singleton Case Study)

In that time over 40 million tubes have been produced for premium brands such as Jack Daniels, Singleton, Buchanans and Bushmills.

During this twenty year period Concept have developed a global network of licensees and manufacturing partners originating from our home town of Bradford to as far afield as Santiago Chile, Shanghai China and Chattanooga Tennessee. In addition we have developed a portfolio of patents and other intellectual property as well as building an incredible bank of invaluable knowledge, expertise and experience.

Concept have continued to invent and create new products. The latest invention being a system to supply rigid set up boxes as flat components for easy assembly. Patented in Europe and The United states this process offers significant supply chain economies, improved graphics, reduced lead times and a UK and Global supply base presenting Brands with endless possibilities and potential for show-casing high quality unique luxury boxes To see a video for more detail click here

We have developed an ever growing portfolio of innovative designs and constructional shapes taking the environment and sustainability into our thinking along with manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies.

Our ability to automate our thinking along with our systems for easy packing and product fulfilment coupled with strategic partnerships both in the UK and globally mean we can offer a seamless transition from brief to shelf.
Whether the project is bespoke or requires a fully automated system Concept will bring your packaging to life

Sadly Derek is no longer with us but his influence and legacy lives on. His vision 50 years ago has helped position Concept strongly for the future where the current team have picked up the challenge and continue to create and invent with passion.

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