Concept Packaging

In a crowded market where every business sector is highly competitive, out-performing your rivals is as much about acting smarter and sharper rather than higher-spending.

At Concept we are very different to other creative design, constructional design or project management companies. We stand traditional thinking on its head.

Based in the World Heritage site of Saltaire in Yorkshire we are constructional packaging designers with global manufacturing partners spanning 4 continents.

What we DON’T do is source packaging from around the globe add a margin and then sell it on through a distribution chain.

At Concept we CREATE packaging and collaborate with our global partners to apply our thinking and design intelligence effectively to manufacture it on site whether that is in Asia, East or West Europe the USA, or across the Sub Continent.

We have a proven global distribution chain in place and a project management arm to ensure our designs and all their component parts are managed cost effectively through the supply chain.

Effectively we are the driving force at the creation of a project rather than a packaging resource towards the end of it, applying in depth packaging knowledge exceptional design and inspired vision to create iconic packaging that delivers at every level.

In short Concept creates a complete packaging solution and oversees the whole cycle from design and manufacture of packaging through the supply chain to fulfilment and distribution.

See our case studies for examples of how we add value and original thinking to brands and packaging problems.

Then come to us with your idea and we will bring it to life, or let us come to you and provide ideas which will move the goal posts of your thinking.

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