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Case Studies : Staples

Case study demonstrating how intelligent design, combined with pack engineering and vision can dramatically increase sales.

Our client Staples Disposables is one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers of disposable cleaning and hygiene products.
Their philosophy is simple

“While quality and value for money are always of vital importance, the design of the tissue pack is often the most critical factor in the purchasing process”.

Consuma products are successful largely because of their strong emphasis on design which is complimented by a strong in-house design team and strong links with excellent external agencies.”

One of their retail customers Marks and Spencer were looking for an oval shaped pack made entirely from card, so Staples turned to Concept as one of their external agencies because of their vast experience in engineering packaging with shape and curves.

We developed an oval carton with a quick erect crash style base.
We then created a dual layer oval card lid from thick double wall corrugate latex mounted to a decorative printed card. The lid was connected to the carton via a neatly designed tucking mechanism.
In addition Concept provided the assembly methodology and tooling to enable Staples to erect and pack the cartons quickly and easily to complete the process.

Having created the process Concept then continu ed to monitor, develop and re-engineer different aspects of the pack to continually improve speeds and reduce costs.

In order to meet increasing volumes and engineer further cost out of the process Concept encouraged Staples to move to an injection moulded lid. We designed a lid which clipped into specially designed features on the inner carton wall which was profiled to glide in quickly, making assembly of the new packs much faster and easier.

Concept had also developed a new simpler stronger base for the oval carton and this was incorporated into the new packs for Morrisons and Tesco.

By working closely together with Staples, Concept have created a unique shaped pack which has met its key objectives of appealing to the consumer as well as the client.

In fact its appealed so much to the consumer that’s sales have grown from a one off order for 25,000 units to approaching 1 million packs per annum.

The next stage is automation and again Concept are working with staples to provide the solution. Concept has previous experience of automating various shaped cartons and have identified a machine system suitable for erecting the Staples Oval.

A new lid has been designed to further lower unit costs.

Chris Hallam Concept Packaging MD commented “When our customers are ready to move forward we are usually already involved in the next stage of development so can react quickly with much of the work already done. The dramatic growth of sales is testimony to a well-designed pack meeting all the clients requirements

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