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Case Studies : M&S Festive Box

A case study in cost effectively replacing rigid gift sets with an environmentally friendly fold flat alternative.

When Marks & Spencer were looking for a promotional gift set to reward customers who spent more than £75 they turned to their packing partners for ideas. The pack needed to be produced to a high quality and specification including a multi-colour print, gold ink and gold foil, but also needed sufficient strength and rigidity to hold a bottle of wine and 2 packs of chocolates. Furthermore the packaging needed to be produced within 6 weeks and packed and delivered within 8 weeks of the start date.

Ideally M&S wanted a rigid gift set but didn’t have time to source one through the usual channels. So M&S challenged suppliers to come up with a solution to meet their exacting demands and contract packing supplier Mailway were one of the first to offer a full solution that met all the necessary requirements.

Mailway had the packing credentials to fulfil the order but turned to their packaging partner and design specialists Concept to come up with a packaging solution. Without hesitation Concept recommended their unique fold flat rigid technology whereby a clever locking combination allows flat components to be very quickly assembled into a box without any gluing but with all the strength and features of a traditional paper covered rigid box. Because it is produced on carton board rather than paper higher quality printed graphics and print finishes can be utilised.

Furthermore Concepts fold flat rigid is an environmentally friendly option delivering significant efficiencies through the supply chain utilising flat components and is designed to be assembled and fulfilled simultaneously for maximum efficiency and competitiveness. Furthermore it can be produced in weeks rather than months using UK manufacturers ensuring complete management control and the highest UK standards.

Having offered the unique solution Mailway and Concept worked closely together with Teeside print manufacturer Harrison Packaging to ensure that 300,000 high quality 'rigid' boxes were delivered in flat format ahead of schedule within 5 weeks of placing the order.

Mailway then created an ingenious packing line which assembled the flat components and packed the product into the gift set simultaneously. Such was the speed and efficiency of the assembly line that at full speed the line was producing 24 full packs a minute - or a complete gift set every 2.5 seconds.

The supply chain was so efficient and environmentally friendly that by using the patented fold flat solution Mailway received only 500 incoming pallets of packaging as opposed to the estimated 1,500 they would have had to have shipped, handled and stored using traditional rigid boxes.

The speed and efficiency allowed all parties to complete a highly satisfactory project and deliver a high quality solution to M&S ahead of time and in full.

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