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Case Studies : Jack Daniels

A case study showing Concepts holistic approach to engineering a global packaging solution designed in the UK and manufactured in the USA. The pack not only won a Pentawards Gold award but sold 1,500,000 packs in Europe alone.

Design agency Mayday London were working in tandem with Brown foreman for a new Jack Daniels gifting pack. The idea was based on a sleeve with an aperture fitting over a central tube with a button mechanism to lock and then release the two parts.

The pack had been part developed over a period of months when Brown foreman approached our partners Textile Printing Company (TPC) in Chattanooga to help bring the vision to life.

TPC turned to Concept Packaging. President Joey Scmissrauter and his VP of manufacturing flew over to the UK to deliver the brief. When they were due to fly back to the States Concept Packaging had developed the solution and prepared a fully mocked up sample and presentation for Mayday Design.

TPC were awarded the contract and with Concept’s assistance created a stunning pack which went on to win a coveted Pentaward 2009 Gold Award.

Demonstrating Concept’s thorough approach to engineering a complete solution for every element of a pack we also designed the plastic button mechanisms to clip into the pack without the need for glue which were produced in the UK and shipped to the USA.

Concept Packaging MD Chris Hallam commented – “This is a perfect demonstration of Concepts holistic approach to packaging. This isn’t just about bringing a creative design to life it’s about linking the thought processes on 2 continents involving 5 companies and offering a complete joined up solution covering every aspect from design to delivery”

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