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Concept are developing an ever growing portfolio of patented innovative designs and constructional shapes which can be used as a platform to develop new ideas and packs.

Our unique approach ensures that every product and sample not only performs the primary functions of packaging in terms of appearance, strength, functionality, visibility, brand communication and impact but every product is designed specifically to flow efficiently through the supply chain and provide ease and speed of fulfilment.

Fold Flat Rigid Box & Lid

Concept’s self-assembly alternative to paper covered Rigid Gift Sets

Rigid Box gift sets made from carton board and delivered FLAT.

VIDEO: How we make a Rigid Gift Box from flat unglued components

M&S Xmas Festive Hamper Case study
300,000 M&S Xmas gift sets
Packaging delivered in 5 weeks from receipt of order
Packed and fulfilled in 8 weeks from receipt of order
Assembled and packed 1 every 2.5 seconds
Top up-print available within 2 weeks

See full cast study click here

• Designed as a cost effective high quality alternative to a paper covered rigid box
• Created for maximum supply chain and packing efficiency
• No gluing – all components manufactured and delivered flat
• Supply chain cost savings – manufactured locally – significantly reduced storage, handling and shipping costs
• Reduces goods inwards by up to 65% compared to a rigid box
• Designed to be assembled and packed simultaneously for maximum cost efficiency
• Assembly and fulfilment solutions offered for maximum competitiveness
• Full advice and assistance in all aspects of assembly and packing
• UK designed and can be produced in the UK in weeks not months
• Increased management control and cash flow efficiency by utilising UK manufacturers
• Ability to respond to market demands with quick turnaround re-prints within weeks
• Produced on carton board allowing higher quality finishes – foil blocking – embossing – varnish effects
• Added value effects using substrates and embellishments from metallic board to fabric
• Whole project is managed and controlled in the UK from print to fulfilment
• Patented design for protection and stamp of quality

Added Value Fold Flat Rigid Options

Using the same fold flat system with all the above benefits it is possible to create a wide range of creative and imaginative added value packs which can be supplied flat or pre-assembled.

Shoulder boxes
• Smooth friction fit lid
• Utilise added value print finishes and effects
• High quality
• Carton board – fabric – speciality boards
• Ideal for fragrance, luxury goods, cosmetics,
• Confectionery, candles

Hinged Boxes

Distinctive packs using fold flat technology - where a high quality cost effective finish is required - Ideal for fragrances confectionery and beverages – hinged lid with external and internal print and effects.

Drawer packs

Using fold flat technology these carton board designs combine draws with hinges and special print effects to deliver a stunning tactile gift

Padded Lids

Highly tactile fold flat construction with a domed padded lid. Has to be seen and touched to be believed

Speciality Shaped Packaging

Concept are re-introducing this exciting range of carton board shaped packs as a result of new global partnerships.
These boxes were originally produced in the UK for a number of high profile brands. However the labour intensive aspect of their assembly eventually made them un-competitive in the UK compared to cheaper shaped boxes imported from Asia.

However by working in close collaboration with new global partners we now have the ability to re-launch this exciting range which will be designed and managed entirely from the UK.

We utilise our ability to shape board and change contours to create extremely challenging carton board packs in a variety of shapes and formats. We can also utilise fabric. Ideal for gift sets, beauty, cosmetics, biscuits, confectionery, a tin replacement, or simply challenge us.

We will be introducing our new range in early 2016.



Shaped tube packaging was pioneered by Concept Packaging in the early 1990’s.

Concept also produced the first ever windowed C-tube for Budweiser, increasing product visibility for added value
Produced under license with partners Smurfit Kappa our C Tube offers a range of design and constructional potential to create something unique and original for your brand.

Ideal for beverages, fragrance, beauty

• C-Tubes offer high impact packaging that exudes quality
• Highly decorative with the option to utilise shape and contours to break the straight lines on shelf
• Rigid, shaped, offering internal as well as external print
• 2 ply carton board tube with various closure options with additional branding benefits
• Creative and unique shapes – square – round – oval – irregular shapes
• Potential to create added value print finishes using alternative substrates specifically heavy emboss
• Can be windowed – concept designed the 1st ever windowed carton board tube for Budweiser
• Can be used to replicate tin through print and substrate

G-Tubes - Fold Flat Tubes

Distinctive packs using fold flat technology - where a high quality cost effective finish is required - Ideal for fragrances confectionery and beverages – hinged lid with external and internal print and effects.

• Supplied flat for self-assembly
• Full print and finishing effects available
• Designed to offer shape and functionality
• Lower price point than the C-tube.
• Common shapes include Hexagonal 2 round – square 2 round.
• Supplied with a range of closures
• Also incorporates a clever collar device to hold the pack rigid
• This also introduces a strong point of tamper evidence
• Can be made to re-create a tin

Bespoke Packaging Solutions

From Bag in Box for spirits and wine to speciality confectionery packs and unique shaped products
for tissue products and cosmetics.

Concept create and design packaging which adds value and impact for all market sectors.

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